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Asi Khan & Mirza - "Mic Check" ft. Jazz | Street Logic

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Track : Mic Check
Artist : Asi Khan & Mirza ft. Jazz
Album/Mixtape : Unkown 
Prod. : Unknown

2012 , All Rights Reserved , Asi Khan & Mirza (StreetLogic)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

DEEN joins D-Block West (

Jadakiss, Styles P & Sheek Louch aka the LOX.  From running through the rap industry with the likes of hip-hop legendNotorious B.I.G. (RIP), P. Diddy & Bad Boy records to taking over the streets with the likes of DMX, Swizz Beatz, Eve & the Ruff Ryders, the LOX have been a major part of some of the biggest movements in hip-hop history.
When they’re not releasing their own projects,Jadakiss, Sheek Louch & Styles P continue to be highly sought after for guest appearances, being featured on recent smash records like Rick Ross‘s career-defining hit single “B.M.F.” released in 2010.
In 2003, the Yonkers, NY, rap crew the LOX founded their own imprint D-Block Records, which officially launched with Sheek‘s solo album Walk Witt Me,released the same year.   Fast forward to 2009,Jadakiss announces the formation of the West Coast division of D-Block, titled D-Block West, and an artist recruitment process goes underway.
Fast forward some more & here we are in present day 2012, with the announcement of one of the first additions to D-Block West, Los Angeles/Dubai-based rapper DEEN!
Known for his close ties to the West Coast Ruff Ryders, after his 3 round rap battle dismantling of former Ruff Ryders signee Jin, DEEN has been making a name for himself from California to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia & the Middle East.   A true global commodity, the Pakistani/Afghani emcee boasts mixtapes with DJ Warrior, DJ Envy & DJ Superstar Jay, while being featured on mixtapes from DJ Green Lantern & DJ Drama.  From articles in the highly respected THE SOURCE magazine ,Rolling Stone (Middle East), GULF News, and much much more, DEEN has been recognized for his talent & relentless grind to make it in the rap game.
The co-owner of Rebellion Records & our very, DEEN has been one of the trailblazers & visionaries for the Middle East hip-hop scene.  Producing the documentary “Mic Check: Hip-hop in the Middle East” & creating the first major website for Middle East hip-hop, DEENhas made a conscious effort to not only push himself, but also to promote the entire M.E. rap scene with the goal of bringing a positive light to the region.
The Cerritos, CA, rapper has also set foot in the acting world, landing a major role in Hollywood movie “Five Thirteen” directed by Kader Ayd & set for a 2012 release.
Who says hard work doesn’t pay off?
Led by Jadakiss & President Cookie “Uncle Cook” Bishop, D-Block West looks to focus on Pop, RnB, & of course it’s signature, raw street hip-hop music.  Look for new artists under the D-Block West banner to be announced in the coming weeks, as a mixtape & compilation album are already in the works.
In the meanwhile, DEEN continues on his independent grind preparing for the release of his debut single, “Go“, produced by Oz aka Big 4D.
We send out a HUGE congratulations to DEEN & the entire Rebellion camp!
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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Badmash,Rakeem & D-Naar -Apni Pehchaan Remix (Official Music Video)

This is an official music video of Badmash "Hindi Rap Guru" (A Hindi/English Rapper) from India/Canada, for the song "Apni Pehchaan" Remix version featuring Rakeem (A German/English Rapper) from Pakistan/Germany and Dnaar (A Punjabi Rapper) from Pakistan/Saudi Arabia.

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

JJ - Mirror (Remix) Ft. Bruno Mars

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Bohemia:More than just forties and shorties (

Born in Karachi, schooled in Peshawar and based in California, Pakistani-American musician Bohemia is the only globally recognised Punjabi rapper. The musician, who raps to poetry, gained global fame with his debut album Vich Pardesan De, which took the international rap scene by storm. The mastermind behind the catchy “Kaali De Naali” and “Ek Tera Pyar” was recently in Karachi and during his trip shared his opinion about desi rap music.
Bohemia, who started writing poetry at very young age, believes the setbacks he faced earlier in life have made him the star he is today. The rapper, whose family shifted to the US when he was 13, recalls his struggle adjusting to a new place where he didn’t even know the local language. “As fate would have it, my mother passed away soon after we moved and I left home after this. I was living on the streets and playing with some musicians when a close friend was murdered. Another went to jail,” the musician recalls.
When asked how one moves from poetry to rapping, the artist replies, “I believe it’s the same thing. When I moved to America, I felt I couldn’t connect with other desi children. The poetry I was writing was heavily inspired by famous Pakistani poets and I slowly began to recognise that I could connect the most with rap artists. Their music had the same message that I was trying to convey.”
Leading the way
Being a trendsetter in his own genre, Bohemia has a vast array of followers but none of them have managed to impress him substantially. “I’ve seen rappers from all over the world — as well as from India and Pakistan — but no one has thus far impressed me from the subcontinent,” says Bohemia.
“All the aspiring rappers around the world — desis in particular — need to realise that just listening to rap music and singing along the lyrics, while may be good training, will not turn them into artists,” he says, adding that being a rapper is more than just donning the outfit and wearing thick chains. Instead, Bohemia is of the opinion that rapping is not only a matter of saying some random lyrics; it is actually the expression of one’s own evolution. “Since you’re giving words to your own life, you better know yourself well.”
However, his disappointment with desi rappers doesn’t make him pessimistic about the future of rap in Pakistan. “Pakistan is an unpredictable country; you can expect anything out of it,” says Bohemia. “Pop was never a ‘desi’ thing but they made it their own with icons like Sajjad Ali, Awaz, Vital Signs and many others, who first understood the music and then composed their own songs. Pakistani pop is only called this because it is sung by Pakistanis, however, it is recognisable all over the world as part of the pop genre — this same concept should be applied to every sort of music. I’m sure about one thing — if proper rap music ever comes from Pakistan, it will be a customised version and people will love it.”
Bohemia’s own poetry serves as a constant reminder of where he comes from. When asked whose poetry has inspired him the most, the Pakistani-American rapper replies, “People like Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Mirza Ghalib are our icons and most of my poetry is inspired by them. For instance, in one of my songs, I talk about ‘going beyond the stars’, the idea of which is essentially taken from Allama Iqbal’s ‘Sitaron Se Aagay Jahan Aur Bhi Hain’.”  He adds, “But it is only those listeners who have read the work of these great men will be able to make the link and find other influences in my work.”
Published in The Express Tribune, January 27th, 2012.

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'So Fly' - FORTITUDE (Official Video)

Music video by FORTITUDE performing 'SO FLY'. (C) 2012 Fortitude, Inc
The pioneers Of Pashto Rap - Belonging from Pakistan - Asia

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Music Production &
Mixed/Mastered : Shumail Alam Khan (Webster Beats)

The Darkside (Dem Rebelz) - Walk Of Life

Dedicated to our brother Zaran Ghazali.. Innocently gun down in the streets of Karachi.

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Desi Addicts-Broken Promises

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