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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Artist Feature: DJ DANNY

Name : Adnan Khalid Rao
Age : 19
D.O.B : 25th Of January , 1991
Fav. Artists :
2pac( R.I.P ) , B.I.G , Nas , Snoop Dogg , D.P.G , Outlawz , Dr.Dre , DMX ,
Lupe Fiasco , Game , Ice Cube , WC , Bohemia , Kanye West , Adil Omar , Linken Park , Entity Paradigm *

Fav. Producers :
Dr.Dre ,  Jonathan ''JR'' Rotem , Pharrel , Bohemia , Nitti , Lil Jon , Niggarachi , Reefa ,
Kanye West , Scott Storch , Timbaland , Jaz O , Konvict , Jim Jonsin , Panjabi MC

Cold Blooded (Crack & Dj Danny).mp3_
Born In Tripoli , Libya * Spent Most Of My Life There * Learned Arabic , French & English  In The American International School I Went to *
I Got The Chance To Meet People From All Over The World . That Brought In Alot Of Cultures That Started To Blend With My Life .
Had The Privilege To Listen To Alot Of Different Categorized Music .

I Have Two Bigger Brothers Who Are Diehard Fans Of Pac !!
Thats How The Story With Rap Really Started . They Used To Be In Their Senoir Years . I Still Remember Listening To
" Dem Deathrow Joints " On The Way To School And Back Home.
So I Played Classic Rap Albums Back Then When I was A Kid It All Started Early .
Got My First Cd Player When I Was 8 .
All I Had Around Me Were Albums Of THe Most Notorious Westcoast Artists That Ever Existed .
I Loved The Sound & The Whole Feel To The Tracks .
First Rap Album I Ever Heard Was " All Eyes On Me " . Still Remember The Double Killer CD It Had .
A Personaly And Worldwide Favorite To Many Of His Fans .
Thats The Reason I Claim Pac & Pac Only As An Inspiration
To What Made Me Actually Want To Express Myself Through Rap *
We Never Had Pakistani Rappers . I Used To Wonder Why ????
Thanks To My Homie Aws ( Shoutout 2 T.R.I.P.S.I.D.E haha !! ) I Came Across THis Software When I Was 13-14
* It Was The Sound Forge Sound Editing CD .

I Started Editing ... I Never Took Tutorials ... Always Messing Around With The Programs ... I Ended Up Making Alot Of Remixes !!
People Started Calling Me The Mix-man / Deejay and all that / It All Hit Me ... I Took My Nickname And Added The DJ To It ==> Dj Danny *
In The Process Of These Remixes I Also Took Up Recording ... Made My First Track ( I Still Got It ) its Unreleased hahaa That is because it was quite horrible !!
So Thats How It Was .. I Joined Communities On Orkut Started To Have Beef With Some Crews / I Threw The Diss Track Out And That is When The Textees pissed
in their pants !!!! I Joined My Friends Crew Later On ( R.F.R - Rhyme For A Reason ) They Didn't Have The Mix-man And That is Where I Came in *

I Did My Magic . We Were Making Music Like crazy !!!!

I Improved With Every Collabed I Had ... My Rap Got Better ... Flow Became Flawless ... Lyrically Took It Easy , My Patterns Were Complex Though *
I Wanted To Give My Listeners Something To Relate To . I Didnt Want them to grab a Dictionary / Encyclopedia or start Google' shit out Just because Of
A Word That I Used . Rap Aint No English Class !!! I Do It My Way / Danny Boiii Style haha !!
Currently I'm At A Really Good Stage Of The Whole Rap Scene . My Tracks Are Getting Aired On Some Radio Channels In Pakistan .
Myspace Page Seems To Be Getting Loads Of Plays Every Month . Promotion On Websites Like These And Others . Pakistanis Are Really Going To Rap A Level Higher.

I got Mad Respect For Players Like Lazarus , Adil Omar & Bohemia For Giving Us The Hope & Belief *

We Have Alot Of Underground Talent In The Country & Some Great Producers In The Country Too , be It Rap In Any Sense And Form .
When It Comes To Punjabi Rap " Vic Crack / Waqas ' The Man Himself A Good Friend Of Mine
Knows It All . We've Worked On Some Hits Got Everybody To Bump To Our Tracks In Their Rides Etc *
I'm Observing The Rap Scene At Pak But at The Same Time I'm Busy With My University Life Overseas In Europe . A Student Of Petroleum Engineering *
I've Started To Produce For My First Album Working On The Beats Whenever I Get The Time . Release Date Sometime In The Years (2011/12)

-- I'm Calling  It The ( DEFINITION OF D.O.P.E ) - And As Dope As The Name Sounds You Know I Take My Time With What And Who I Work With To Give You All The Hits *

Its Definitely Going To Be Grand Desi Hip Hop .
Stay Tuned For The Next Insignia & D.E.S.I Mix tapes This Year ... We've Got Alota Desi Sound To These Projects !
Peace *

Adnan Rao 

Shoutout To The Rest Of My Affiliates
( Dj Mast , Nottie , D.Beam , RFR , Jamal , Desi-Flow , Asi Khan , Muneeb , TSP , FSC , Roxy , Deepa ,
MWA , Ittefaq , Gaggy , Minna , Misz Dee  Bali Danger & The Whole Of Insignia !!!!! )
1 Love !!

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